Great News!

Great news! The homecoming game has been moved to Sept 6 (with the parade being Sept 5 and dance being Sept 7), so it doesn’t affect marching band contest season. So our contests will be on Saturday, Sept 28, Oct 5, and Oct 26 (not competing the week before or after the 4 day weekend).
Scott D. King
Starr’s Mill High School
Director of Bands

Please Volunteer for Concessions During the Playoff Game

Use the link below to sign up to volunteer for concessions for the playoff game, Friday, November 9, 2018.

Parent Information for Senior Night Friday – Go Panthers!

Seniors involved with Dance, Football, Band, or Cheerleading:

On Friday, October 26, 2018, we will be honoring our Senior dance team, football players, band members, and cheerleaders. This will take place before the game, immediately following the pre-game warm-up. Parents and seniors should plan to be in the stadium and on the track no later than 6:50 that evening so that we can begin lining everyone up. To gather information about each of the student participants, we emailed a google form to the student’s email address. We asked them to complete the form and have it submitted by Thursday, October 18th, and we will follow up with those who did not.

Thank you for your help! Mrs. Bowen, Mrs. O’Shields and Mrs. Spencer

Mrs. Bowen ( or Mrs. Spencer ( or Mrs. O’Shields (

In case you are nervous about how this works:

By 6:50: Parents are on the home side of the track getting in their lines

Seniors are on the visitor side of the track getting in their lines.

As soon as the pre-game warmup clears the field, we start 🙂

Seniors will be lined up in the center of the field, parents along the home sideline facing their child. We will announce one group at a time beginning with the dance team. They will be followed by Football, Band, and Cheer. Once the last athlete is introduced, quickly leave the field so that the next group can begin. (Football players report quickly to fieldhouse after your group)

The seniors come to mid-field together, one group at a time, and then we begin announcing them individually. As a name is called, the player starts walking towards the parents, and the parents start walking toward the student. Once they meet in the middle, they will hug, and then face the home stands together. A photographer will be there taking pictures, so smile pretty 🙂 They will remain in that spot as the following member is announced. Once the last member is announced, the script will say something to finalize this group, and then the whole group leaves the field and we proceed right into the next group.

“Yardline” for Lining up

Parents along HOME side / Players along VISITOR side

YL              Dance                 Football                        Band                           Cheer

“Woods” endzone

20 Laura Anderson
22.5 Liam Artman
25 Grace Beseau
27.5 Sam Bohdan
30 Camber Bransky
32.5 3 – Jalen Lazenby Gracie Britt
35 12 – Sean King Madison Corkill
37.5 16 – Jack Wilson Kevin Dee Bailey Austin
40 30 – Grayson Faircloth Ashley Fukuyama Carol-Anne Collins
42.5 32- Michael Burnett Zach Garcia Tori Davis
45 33 – Colton Mullins Mackenzie Gibson Kristen Decos
47.5 Isabelle Bowman 38 – Michael Lantz Jacob Hunt Hannah Defler
50 Jordan Deloney 45 – Sam White Matthew Hyle Evy Dunn
47.5 Gracen O’Neal 56 – Michael Heatherly Logan Jalil Frany Landgrebe
45 65 – Trevor Hall Sarah Kelly Kaitlyn Reiss
42.5 66 – Alex Handy Elizabeth Lindsey Madison Schmidlkofer
40 74 – Anthony Quina Ally Little Kylee Thompson
37.5 76 – Jimmy Pecoraro Jimmy Lock Taylor Valenta
35 77 – Kelvin Weyl Jamesie Lussos
32.5 80 – Walter Williams Ally Marshall
30 Devon Moan
27.5 Adam Secor
25 Leah Serratelli
22.5 Kaitlyn Smillie

“Scoreboard” endzone


Band Schedule for Northwest Georgia Band Championship – Cass High School

Northwest GA Band Championships (Cass HS)

October 27

Please eat a hearty meal before arriving.

12:30 – Arrive at SMHS, watch video/take notes from last night’s game

12:45 – Stretch, Warm-up/Basics, Rehearse/Review (take cases to field)

1:30 – Load equipment on trailer (from practice field)

1:45 – Go to bathroom, change into “half” uniform, gather ALL needed items

2:15 – Load buses with hat box/gloves, etc

2:30 – Leave for Cass HS, eat on the way

5:45 – Arrive at Cass HS, Guard change

6:15 – At trailer to get instrument, jacket

6:40 – Stretch, Warm-up, Section time (Area 1) (35 min)

7:15 – Leave Warm-up Area

7:25 – At Gate

7:30 – Perform your hearts out!

7:40 – Secure equipment, change (except Seniors), watch bands

9:30 – Awards (Seniors – meet at flagpole)

10:00 – Go to bathroom, Guard change, load buses

10:30 – Leave for SMHS (text parents)

12:30am – Back at SMHS, unload/store equipment & uniform properly, check out with Mrs. Backes





Band Schedule for JSU Contest of Champions

Contest of Champions (JSU)

October 20

Please eat a hearty meal before arriving.

1:30 – Arrive at SMHS, watch video/take notes from last performance

1:45 – Stretch, Warm-up/Basics, Rehearse/Review (take cases to reh field)

2:45 – Load equipment on trailer (from rehearsal field),

Eat snack (no sugar or caffeine!)

3:00 – Go to bathroom, change into half uniform, gather ALL needed items

3:30 – Load buses with hat box/gloves, etc

3:45 – Leave for JSU

All times will now be Central Standard Time (1 hour earlier)

4:00 – Stop at AL rest area to eat

6:00 – Arrive, Bathroom

6:15 – Guard change into costume

6:45 – At trailer to get instrument and jacket, etc

7:15 – Stretch, Warm-up, Basics (Area A) (45 min)

8:00 – Leave Warm-up Area

8:10 – At Gate

8:15 – Perform your hearts out!

8:30 – Secure equipment at stadium, watch Marching Southerners

9:00 – Awards (Section Leaders)

10:00 – Go to bathroom, put instruments away, load buses

10:45 – Leave for SMHS (text parents)

All times will now be Eastern Standard Time

2:00 am – Back at SMHS, unload/store equipment & uniform properly,

check out with Mrs. Backes


Important Information from Mr. King

Good afternoon,
I hope everyone has enjoyed their fall break and got some much-needed rest.  As you know, we are still dealing with unusual weather this marching season – now a hurricane!  This marching show was designed visually and musically to be very competitive at the JSU contest and after.  As you also know, we need every minute of marching rehearsal (outside) in order to perfect our show. I’m afraid that some of our marching rehearsals will be forced inside due to rain. I truly believe that the marching band will be extremely competitive and the students will be very proud of their performance when we get our needed rehearsal time.
Each student has been very flexible and dedicated to the marching band so far this season – and I’m asking each family to continue to do so.  I’ve checked all of my sources and they really don’t know exactly what the weather will bring on each day at a specific time.  So here’s what we’ll do until the JSU contest:
Wednesday (tomorrow) – 4:04-6:00 (as previously scheduled)
Thur – 4:05-7:00 (this was the first option so we’ll have to take it)
Fri – tailgating at 3:50, rehearsal (half uniform) 5:15-6:55.  The weather will be beautifully comfortable this day!
We also need some volunteers at this time to park their car around the perimeter of our practice field. (and adjoining field “entrance” without a curb).  McIntosh fans have traditionally tried to park on our field.  After it rains, it could seriously ruin any chance we have of having a decent rehearsal field the rest of the season.
Next week:
Mon – 4:05-7:00 (only 15 min sectionals maximum)
Tues – 6:30-9:00 (no sectionals after rehearsal)
Thur – 4:05-7:00 (only 15 min sectionals maximum)
Fri – 4:00-5:30 rehearsal (as previously scheduled) with the “community performance” at 6:00
Sat/JSU contest day – please follow original schedule (showing Friday’s performance at 1:30)
Thank you so much for your dedication and understanding.  Believe me, I wouldn’t alter the schedule if I didn’t believe it will help our chance of great performances in the future.  Let’s “sprint to the end of this marathon!”

Scott D. King
Starr’s Mill High School
Director of Bands

Important Griffin Football Game Updated Information

The Griffin BD contacted me this morning and stated that he was just told that their cheerleaders will be doing something “special” for halftime.  So, we cannot perform halftime.  I asked about possible pregame performance but he has not gotten back with me.  So…Here’s what we’re going to do:
3:45 – Students may stay after school and order food and/or use our refrigerator
4:45 – trailer at bus loop to load equipment (incl. tubas)
approx. 5:00 – students should be arriving, getting fully dressed for performance in OUR stadium (yes shako, no plume); Big instruments take cases to load from the stadium field.  Color Guard will wear show shirt and black shorts with tennis shoes, no show makeup, hair in ponytail
5:30 – on stadium field to stretch and warm-up
5:45 – Full run!
5:55 – WW help pit breakdown, break down DM podium, put jacket/shako/guantlets in closet, go to bathroom
6:15 – load buses (winds/perc “half uniform” w/show shirt)
6:20 – leave for Griffin Memorial Stadium
7:00 – in stands
11:15 – estimated time back to SMHS
Thanks for your flexibility!

Scott D. King
Starr’s Mill High School
Director of Bands





Spring Rehearsals:

April 29 (Mon): 8th Gr/Rookies, Section Leaders 4:00-6:00

April 30 (Tues): All Marching Band 4:00-6:00

May 2 (Thur): All Marching Band 4:00-6:00

Mandatory MB Parent Meeting: 6:15 PM, May 2 or May 7

May 7 (Tues): All Marching Band 4:00-6:00

May 9 (Thur): All Marching Band 4:00-6:00


Summer Camps (mandatory):

Percussion Camp – July 15-19 (Mon-Fri), 8:00-4:00

Color Guard Camp – July 15-19 (Mon-Fri), 8:00-4:00

Section Leaders – July 15-19 (Mon-Fri), 8:00-4:00

Rookies (new marchers) – July 16-19 (Tues-Fri), 8:00-4:00

Full Marching Band Camp (ALL members) –

July 17-19 (Wed-Fri), 8:00-4:00

July 22 (Mon) 8:00-7:00, July 23 (Tues) 8:00-7:00,

July 24 (Wed) 8:00-4:00, July 25 (Thur) 8:00-7:00,

July 26 (Fri), 8:00-8:00 (incl. Preview Show in Stadium)

Post-Camp (ALL members), 4-6:30: July 29 (M), 30 (Tu), & Aug 1 (Th)


School Rehearsals:

Mon (4:05-6:30), Tues (6:30-8:45 in stadium), & Thur (4:05-6:30)

(possibly Wed, Sept 4 & Oct 16 – 4:00-6:00)

Saturday rehearsals: Aug 17 & Sept 14, 8:00-6:00



ALL Varsity Football Games: Aug 23, 30 (Labor Day weekend), Sept 6,

13, 20, 27, Oct 4, 11 (Fall Break weekend), 25, Nov 1 + Playoffs

Fayette Co. Exhibition, Parades, Standstills, Special Invitational Events

Saturday contests (3 of these) Sept 28, Oct 5, 12, 19, &/or 26

9th Grade Orientation (Guard, Percussion): Tues, Feb 11, 2020

Armuchee Invitational Contest Schedule

Armuchee Invitational Contest
September 29
Please eat a hearty meal before arriving.
12:00 – Arrive at SMHS, watch video/take notes from last night’s game
12:15 – Stretch, Warm-up/Basics, Rehearse/Review (take cases to field)
1:20 – Load equipment on trailer (from practice field) (40 min to load)
1:30 – Go to bathroom, change into “half” uniform, gather ALL needed items
1:50 – Load buses with hat box/gloves, etc
2:00 – Leave for Armuchee HS
5:00 – Arrive at Armuchee HS
5:15 – Eat
6:10 – At trailer to get instrument, jacket
6:25 – Stretch, Warm-up, Short Stations (Area _) (40 min)
7:05 – Leave Warm-up Area
7:15 – At Gate
7:20 – Perform your hearts out!
7:30 – Secure equipment, change (except SL), watch bands (if there’s time)
9:00 – Awards (Section Leaders)
9:45 – Go to bathroom, load buses
10:15 – Leave for SMHS (text parents)
12:45am – Back at SMHS, unload/store equipment & uniform properly,
check out with Mrs. Backes



URGENT! CONCESSIONS! Parents: The concessions needs for a SCRIMMAGE game are less than 1/3 if our regular games. And yet… Here I am again, 2 days before a game without most of the spots not filled. There is no magic solution here. Concessions were scrubbed and cleaned. Cases of drinks were ordered and stocked. Food was purchased and put away. Now I NEED YOU TO VOLUNTEER or our Band will not turn the tremendous profit that it could, to help all of us keep our Marching Band fees down.
Paula Bransky