Special Message from Mr. King Regarding 09/13/17

As you know, there is no school on Wednesday.  I tried to get a rehearsal approved during the regular school day tomorrow but could not (per Fayette County policy).  So…We would love for you to come join us from 3:45-5:15 for a fun read through of the Finale.  Color Guard can work on the video guard work that Mr. Bailey created and I placed on Google Classroom.  We’ll even have popsicles, fudge bars,etc treats for you!
Also, your Section Leaders might want to work with you some during the day Wednesday.  If you can get transportation to the location (sorry, we were not approved to hold sectionals at the school during the school day), a sectional rehearsal would be very beneficial.  Please try to work this out.
Your flexibility and willingness to keep pushing ahead is what separates us from most high school bands – most other bands take the easy way out.  That’s why we are very successful in our performances and contests.  Let’s don’t let up and see how far we can take this show!  The band staff is very proud of you and can’t wait to see what you can do for each other!  PRIDE!

Scott D. King
Starr’s Mill High School
Director of Bands

Special Message from Mr. King 091217

No rehearsal tonight. The school/stadium currently has no power. Instead, practice some on the Finale (if you have power). Stay safe!

Special Message from Mr. King

Special message from Mr. King:

I’ll be at the school from 12:00-1:00 today if anyone needs to get his/her instrument, books, etc.

Priorities for Monday & Tuesday:
1. Spend time with family and do what you need to do to help them before, during, and after the storm.
2. Relax and get some rest so the band can get healthier. The nurse stated that this is the sickest the band has been starting school. We need everyone healthy to perform our best.
3. Catch up and get ahead of school work. I’ll be with you most of Saturday so feel less pressured about school by being proactive.
4. If/when all the above is taken care of, practice any music of the Opener and Ballad that are still giving you trouble. Ask for help from a leader and/or vet. Record yourself for feedback. Don’t procrastinate. Practice slowly then gradually speed it up. If those songs are sounding better, start working on the Finale. We’ll be putting Finale drill onto the field on Saturday. The more familiar you can be with the music, the better.

Color Guard – I’ll place an audio file of the Finale on your Google Classroom sometime today. Also, I’ll place some Finale flagwork to Google Classroom as soon as I receive it from Mr. Bailey. You need to have this LEARNED by Saturday in order to review, clean, and place into drill.

Stay safe everyone, we love you, and reach out if you need help.

2017 Marching Exhibition and Contest Schedule

Sept 26 – Fayette Co Marching Band Exh at Fayette Co HS
Oct 14 – Carrollton HS contest (NOT Central-Carroll HS)
Oct 21 – Haralson Co HS contest
Oct 28 – South Forsyth HS contes

Marching Band Camp reminders

Band camp is just around the corner! Please check the website, www.smhsband.org, to confirm the dates/places. Guard starts this Thursday, while percussion and section leaders begin on Monday. Rookies start Tuesday, and the full band will be together on Wednesday! This will be a challenging year for us as we are holding band camp off campus at Braelinn Elementary and New Hope South. Just a few reminders…
1. You will need a water jug and sunscreen. Use a round butter tub to freeze a larger block of ice so it stays cold all day. You will also want printed copies of your music and a pencil. Wear comfortable tennis shoes!

2. Parents, please consider chaperoning. It’s a great way to meet the students and to see what they are doing. You can sign up on the website. Full instructions will be on-site for you. We also try to pair a veteran parent with a rookie parent so you can learn the ropes.

3. Uniform fittings are also off campus this year. A sign-up will be coming out soon. You should see it through Remind 101 and it will be on the website.
4. Hospitality will need donations of frozen grapes, watermelon, and freezer pops. Watch for this as well!
5. Be aware that many sections of the band hold “sectionals” in the evening after band camp. They get together to eat, socialize, and decompress. These activities are a great way to be involved and get to know your section.
6. Please make sure your paperwork is turned in. If we do not have it, we cannot even give an aspirin for a headache.
7. Join us on Friday, July 28 at New Hope for a preview show and dinner. More details to come.
8. And most importantly….Early is on time, and on time is late!

2017 Marching Band Physical Forms

From the Chaperone Chair:


If your marcher is like mine, these forms are somewhere in the bottom of a bag or crumpled beyond repair.  We must have these forms on file with the school as soon as possible and definitely before school starts.


If your student has a physical on file with either Starr’s Mill High School or Rising Starr Middle School dated after 1 December 2016, please advise me of which school and what sport via susannorthrup@smhsband.org.  We will still need all the other forms (permission slips, participation, teenaged/adult driver, code of conduct, and concussion awareness) completed and returned.


Thanks to all!


Click here for the 2017 Band Physical Forms.

Panther Pride Marching Band Member Handbook School Year 2017 – 2018

2017 Marching Band Handbook

Congratulations to the Band Booster Officers for 2017-2018

President:  Mary Bohdan

Vice President:  Becky Garcia

Secretary:  Jamie Feldman

Treasurer:  Buddy Marshall

Assistant Treasurer:  Anna Lussos


Thank you to all who ran for a position and voted.

color guard parents voting for 2017-18 Band Booster Officers

Color Guard parents not in a band class:
Please email Mr. King for the link to vote for the 2017-18 Band Booster Officers.  Voting will still be anonymous.  This is the safest way to ensure that each parent only gets one vote.  Please do this before Friday, May 19, 12:00 noon.  Thank you!

Congratulations to the 2017 Panther Pride!!!!

Great job these past two weeks!  You are going to be awesome!!!

2017 Panther Pride roster