Chaperones are needed at ALL marching rehearsals, home and away games, as well as on every trip any of our ensembles may take – short or long.

Thank you for volunteering. Keeping our students safe and healthy is our top priority as boosters. Your willingness to donate your time to this effort is appreciated.


Use these links to sign up to volunteer for chaperoning:


Chaperone Duties For Band Camp and After School Practices

Prepare Coolers:

  • When you arrive, please go to the band kitchen.
  • Load the cart with the two coolers on top, two chairs underneath.
  • Wheel the cart to the far side of the gym where there is an ice machine.
  • Fill each container about 1/2 way with ice.
  • Wheel the cart back to the kitchen and add water to the water container.
  • Fill the plastic pitcher in the kitchen with water and add 5 scoops of Gatorade powder.
  • Use the whisk to mix the pitcher and then pour into the Gatorade container. Repeat this with each pitcher until the container is full.

Load cart with the following:

  • cups
  • snacks (we try to take a mix of snacks out making sure we have a few that are set aside as gluten free and nut free)
  • trash bags (2)
  • paper towel roll

Grab a chaperone backpack:

Chaperone backpacks are kept in the kitchen and are numbered. Each backpack contains first aid items that may be needed during your chaperone event.

Proceed to the Practice Location:

  • Wheel the cart to the practice field or football field depending on the practice location.
  • If they band goes inside, wheel the cart into the hallway between the band room and the cafeteria.

During Practice:

  • Enjoy the practice but watch students to see if there are any students who may need first aid.
  • There will be a folder with the students names, any medicines they CANNOT have, and our permission to treat the student. If a student requests aid, review this list before rendering aid.
  • If you render first aid, please annotate what you did with the students name in the treatment log.
  • For those during band camp in the second and third sessions, check the drink containers and add liquid as appropriate.
  • Please remind the marchers to only take one snack per break.

End of practice/day:

  • At the end of the day, dump the Gatorade in the grass, then pour the water into the Gatorade container and rinse to get rid of any remaining residue.  Outside if possible.  Rinse the containers again inside if necessary.  Invert the lids on the top of the containers leaving a gap for evaporation; thereby limiting mildew.
  • Return the cart to the band kitchen.
  • Place chaperone backpacks back on the shelves in the band kitchen area.
  • Remain with students until all students have been picked up.

Thanks again for volunteering!