Chaperone Duties

For Band Camp and After School practices:

 Prepare Coolers:
When you arrive, please go to the band kitchen.
Load the two coolers on top, two chairs, and the large black on the bottom.
In the Gatorade container, put twenty scoops of Gatorade, mix in two gallons of HOT water from the sink and stir until the powder is dissolved.
Wheel the cart to the far side of the gym where there is an ice machine.
Put about 5 gallons of ice in each container (or until the ice stops melting in the Gatorade).
Wheel the cart back to the kitchen and add water to the water container.
Taste the Gatorade and see if you need to add more water or powder.

Load cart with the following and proceed to practice field:
snacks (we try to take a mix of snacks out making sure we have a few that are set aside as gluten free and nut free)
first aid kit

Enjoy the practice, rendering first aid if required.

If they band goes inside, wheel the cart into the hallway between the band room and the cafeteria.

For those during band camp in the second and third sessions, check the containers and add liquid as appropriate.

End of practice/day:
At the end of the day, dump the Gatorade in the grass, then pour the water into the Gatorade container and rinse to get rid of any remaining residue.  Outside if possible.  Rinse the containers again inside if necessary.  Invert the lids on the top of the containers leaving a gap for evaporation; thereby limiting mildew.

If you render first aid, please annotate what you did with the students name in the red notebook after verifying any critical information on the health form.

Please remind the marchers to only take one snack per break.

Thanks again for volunteering!