Marching Band Music

Here are the STAND TUNES!

They are in pdf format and can be viewed/downloaded and printed by clicking on the links below.

New Music


Adams Long Tones – Tuba
Adams Long Tones – Trp Mello
Adams Long Tones – Tenor Sax
Adams Long Tones – Score
Adams Long Tones – Flute
Adams Long Tones – Clarinet in Bb
Adams Long Tones – Bass Clarinet
Adams Long Tones – Baritone
Adams Long Tones – Alto Sax

Stand Tunes
Here are links to the pdf files for all stand tunes by section.
Starr-Spangled Banner
Uptown Funk
Army Strong
Fight Song
Fight Song – RSMS Version
Still Fly
Gonna Fly Now (Rocky)
#6 Superman, #7 Imperial March
All I Do is Win
Cheers (College Cheer, Go Mighty Panthers, Mortal Combat, Chromatic Cheer, Triple Threat)
Hey! Baby!
The Hey Song
Can’t Hold Us
Stand Ditties (Celebration, Mars, William Tell, Danger Zone, Dies Irae, Verdi’s Requiem)

1. Flute – Stand Tunes
2. Clarinet – Stand Tunes
3. Bass Clarinet – Stand Tunes
4. Alto Sax – Stand Tunes
5. Tenor Sax – Stand Tunes
6. Trumpet – Stand Tunes
7. Mellophone – Stand Tunes
8. Baritone – Stand Tunes
9. Tuba – Stand Tunes


Homecoming Tune

Isnt She Lovely