Special Message from Mr. King

Special message from Mr. King:

I’ll be at the school from 12:00-1:00 today if anyone needs to get his/her instrument, books, etc.

Priorities for Monday & Tuesday:
1. Spend time with family and do what you need to do to help them before, during, and after the storm.
2. Relax and get some rest so the band can get healthier. The nurse stated that this is the sickest the band has been starting school. We need everyone healthy to perform our best.
3. Catch up and get ahead of school work. I’ll be with you most of Saturday so feel less pressured about school by being proactive.
4. If/when all the above is taken care of, practice any music of the Opener and Ballad that are still giving you trouble. Ask for help from a leader and/or vet. Record yourself for feedback. Don’t procrastinate. Practice slowly then gradually speed it up. If those songs are sounding better, start working on the Finale. We’ll be putting Finale drill onto the field on Saturday. The more familiar you can be with the music, the better.

Color Guard – I’ll place an audio file of the Finale on your Google Classroom sometime today. Also, I’ll place some Finale flagwork to Google Classroom as soon as I receive it from Mr. Bailey. You need to have this LEARNED by Saturday in order to review, clean, and place into drill.

Stay safe everyone, we love you, and reach out if you need help.