Important Information from Mr. King

Good afternoon,
I hope everyone has enjoyed their fall break and got some much-needed rest.  As you know, we are still dealing with unusual weather this marching season – now a hurricane!  This marching show was designed visually and musically to be very competitive at the JSU contest and after.  As you also know, we need every minute of marching rehearsal (outside) in order to perfect our show. I’m afraid that some of our marching rehearsals will be forced inside due to rain. I truly believe that the marching band will be extremely competitive and the students will be very proud of their performance when we get our needed rehearsal time.
Each student has been very flexible and dedicated to the marching band so far this season – and I’m asking each family to continue to do so.  I’ve checked all of my sources and they really don’t know exactly what the weather will bring on each day at a specific time.  So here’s what we’ll do until the JSU contest:
Wednesday (tomorrow) – 4:04-6:00 (as previously scheduled)
Thur – 4:05-7:00 (this was the first option so we’ll have to take it)
Fri – tailgating at 3:50, rehearsal (half uniform) 5:15-6:55.  The weather will be beautifully comfortable this day!
We also need some volunteers at this time to park their car around the perimeter of our practice field. (and adjoining field “entrance” without a curb).  McIntosh fans have traditionally tried to park on our field.  After it rains, it could seriously ruin any chance we have of having a decent rehearsal field the rest of the season.
Next week:
Mon – 4:05-7:00 (only 15 min sectionals maximum)
Tues – 6:30-9:00 (no sectionals after rehearsal)
Thur – 4:05-7:00 (only 15 min sectionals maximum)
Fri – 4:00-5:30 rehearsal (as previously scheduled) with the “community performance” at 6:00
Sat/JSU contest day – please follow original schedule (showing Friday’s performance at 1:30)
Thank you so much for your dedication and understanding.  Believe me, I wouldn’t alter the schedule if I didn’t believe it will help our chance of great performances in the future.  Let’s “sprint to the end of this marathon!”

Scott D. King
Starr’s Mill High School
Director of Bands