Kennesaw State Brass Blast 2018

Hey all!

My name is Dr. Doug Lindsey, and I am the Assistant Professor of Trumpet and Director of Brass Studies at Kennesaw State. I wanted to email to let you know about our annual Brass Blast this year.  We have an incredible line up of artists, and a wonderful day of activities planned.  I’m most excited about having Allen Vizzutti in town for classes and for a concert.  The event will be Feb 10th and will run from 9-5.  It is open to all high school brass players and advanced middle school players.
If you could share the paragraph below with any of your brass players, I would be most appreciative.  We have a limited number of spots so please encourage them to act quickly – we opened it a few days ago and already have quite a few signed up. 
Here is that event info:
This event will feature classes by world-famous trumpeter Allen Vizzutti, concerts by Georgia Brass Band and the Atlanta Trombone Ensemble, and masterclass sessions with KSU’s very own brass faculty.

Our event is February 10th, and it goes from 9-5 PM with a concert open to public at 4PM. You won’t want to miss the concert!!

Here is the information about the event:…/concerts-and-eve…/brass_blast.php

On this link, you can read about the guest artists, the faculty and learn more about the event generally.

We are accepting registrations starting today – you will want to move quickly on this as we have to cap it at 100 participants… we have had to cap the last few brass events because of turnout so please register as soon as possible!!

Click this link to register:…/…/product_detail.jsp…

I look forward to seeing you at KSU Brass Blast!

Thanks for reading!
Douglas Lindsey, DMA
Kennesaw State University
Assistant Professor, Trumpet

2018 Fall Trip Payment Info and itinerary

Here is the information for the Fall trip. Payments will be made directly to Super Holiday Tours. Registration and non-refundable deposit ($50) must be done by Mon, Jan 15. Please contact Super Holiday Tours with any questions. Thank you and I’m looking forward to a wonderful trip!

The cost per student is $835.  The cost for chaperones is $895.  This includes transportation, room, meals and tickets to the park.

When I get more information, I will send it out.


StarrsMill Trip Registration and Payment

Congratulations to the District 6 Honor Band students! Honor Band will be held at Sandy Creek HS on Feb 9 (Fri) after school and Feb 10 (Sat) all day.

11-12 District 6 Honor Band 2017-2018 – Sheet1

9-10 District 6 Honor Band 2017-2018 – Sheet1

All-State auditions

Dear District 6 Directors

This message is in regards to the District 6 All-State Auditions for Saturday, December 16th.

Amy Clement, GMEA Vice President for All-State, has authorized the following procedure for students with a legitimate, day-long, musical conflict on Saturday, December 16th:

Students with a legitimate, musical conflict are permitted to perform their audition prior to December 16th.

Early auditions must be approved by the district organizer and state band chair. Please email any requests to your district organizer by 5:00 p.m.Monday, December 11th. Include the name and instrument of student, and specific information about the schedule conflict. The district organizer will email the complete list to the state band chair on Monday evening, December 11th.

Early auditions must be supervised by the district organizer, at a time and location to be determined by the district organizer. The organizer will record the audition and play the recording for the judging panel on Saturday, December 16th.

Any student who performs the early audition is prohibited from discussing the sight reading with any other individual. Students who violate this rule will immediately have their audition disqualified.

There will be no make up auditions after December 16th whatsoever.


Matt Koperniak

State Band Chair

Thank you Santa Bob!

We really appreciated Santa Bob visiting us at our Band Pyramid Concert!  If you’d like him to come for a special event, here is his contact information:


Text:                     404-735-0719

Facebook:           santa bob in atlanta

Santa Bob

Jazz and Rock Band Rehearsal Schedule for Spring 2018


Jazz Band Rehearsals (7:45-8:25)
Jan 9 (Tu)
Jan 18 (Th)
Jan 23 (Tu)
Feb 1 (Th)
Feb 6 (Tu)
Feb 15 (Th)
March 20 (Tu)
March 27 (Tu)
April 10 (Tu)
April 17 (Tu), April 19 (Th)
April 24 (Tu), April 26 (Th)
April 28 (Sat) – Spring Sampler Performance

Rock Band Rehearsals (7:45-8:25)
Jan 11 (Th)
Jan 16 (Tu)
Jan 25 (Th)
Jan 30 (Tu)
Feb 8 (Th)
Feb 12 (Mon)
Feb 12 (Mon) – 9th Grade Orientation Performance 5:30-6:00
March 22 (Th)
March 29 (Th)
April 12 (Th)
April 16 (Mon), April 18 (Wed)
April 23 (Mon), April 25 (Wed)
April 28 (Sat) – Spring Sampler Performance

Golden River Haralson County Marching Festival T-shirts

As you know, Panther Pride won it ALL last Saturday at the Golden River/Haralson County Marching Festival!  They are allowing us to order the 2017 Golden River Festival t-shirt with Grand Champion Band on it.  The cost will be $15 each.  Below is a link to a sign up sheet.  Please complete by noon on Friday if you want one.  Place your checks payable to SMHS Band Boosters in the white box.

Golden River Festival Grand Champion T-Shirt”

SMHS vs Fayette Co Concession Sign Up

Click here to sign up!

Golden River (Haralson Co HS) Contest 10/21 Schedule

Golden River (Haralson Co. HS) Contest

October 21

Please eat a hearty breakfast/lunch before arriving.

12:00  – Arrive at SMHS, watch video/take notes from last night’s game

12:30 – Stretch, Warm-up/Basics, Rehearse/Review (take cases to reh field)

1:30 – Load equipment on trailer (from rehearsal field),

Eat snack (no sugar or caffeine!)

1:45 – Go to bathroom, change into half uniform, gather ALL needed items

2:15 – Load buses with hat box/gloves, etc

2:30 – Leave for Haralson Co. HS

4:30 – Arrive, Bathroom, Eat

5:15 – Guard change into costume

5:50 – At trailer to get instrument and jacket, etc

6:10 – Stretch, Warm-up, Basics (Area 1) (50 min)

7:00 – Leave Warm-up Area

7:05 – At Gate

7:10 – Perform your hearts out!

7:20 – Secure equipment, change (except SL), buy souvenirs, go to bathroom

8:15 – In stands for awards

8:30 – Awards (Section Leaders)

9:15 – Go to bathroom, load buses

9:45 – Leave for SMHS (text parents)

11:30  – Back at SMHS, unload/store equipment & uniform properly,

            check out with Mrs. Backes

Carrollton Contest Schedule 10/14

Legacy of Champions (Carrollton HS) Contest

October 14

Please eat a hearty lunch before arriving.

12:45 – Arrive at SMHS, watch video/take notes from last night’s game

1:05 – Stretch, Warm-up/Basics, Rehearse/Review (take cases to field)

2:05 – Load equipment on trailer from practice field

2:10 – Go to bathroom, change into “half” uniform (jacket should already be

in bag on racks), gather ALL needed items

2:35 – Load buses with hat box/gloves, etc

2:45 – Leave for Carrollton HS

4:15 – Arrive

4:45 – At trailer to get instrument, jacket

5:10 – Stretch, Warm-up, Basics (Area B) (45 min)

5:57 – Leave Warm-up Area

6:05 – At Gate

6:10 – Perform your hearts out!

6:30 – Secure equipment, change (except SL), watch bands (starting at 7:10),

            eat pre-ordered meal, buy souvenirs, adhere to Chaperone rules

8:50 – Section Leaders meet under scoreboard to prepare for awards

9:00 – Awards (Section Leaders)

9:45 – Go to bathroom, load buses

10:15 – Leave for SMHS (text parents)

11:30  – Back at SMHS, unload/store equipment & uniform properly,

            check out with Mrs. Backes