All-State auditions

Dear District 6 Directors

This message is in regards to the District 6 All-State Auditions for Saturday, December 16th.

Amy Clement, GMEA Vice President for All-State, has authorized the following procedure for students with a legitimate, day-long, musical conflict on Saturday, December 16th:

Students with a legitimate, musical conflict are permitted to perform their audition prior to December 16th.

Early auditions must be approved by the district organizer and state band chair. Please email any requests to your district organizer by 5:00 p.m.Monday, December 11th. Include the name and instrument of student, and specific information about the schedule conflict. The district organizer will email the complete list to the state band chair on Monday evening, December 11th.

Early auditions must be supervised by the district organizer, at a time and location to be determined by the district organizer. The organizer will record the audition and play the recording for the judging panel on Saturday, December 16th.

Any student who performs the early audition is prohibited from discussing the sight reading with any other individual. Students who violate this rule will immediately have their audition disqualified.

There will be no make up auditions after December 16th whatsoever.


Matt Koperniak

State Band Chair