Adjusted 2019 Marching Band Schedule

Happy New Year Band Family! 
We always try to be proactive and give you dates of events as soon as we get them.  We know that your families are very busy and like to plan ahead.  But unfortunately, sometimes things change beyond our control and we need to make adjustments.  This is one of those times but I think you’ll like the alterations.  GHSA (the governing body of athletic events in the state) has decided to move the football schedule one week later.  So…the first game will be the Friday before Labor Day (instead of that being the second game) and the last regular season game on the second Friday of November (Thanksgiving is very late this calendar year).  So essentially we’ll have an extra week to prepare for the first game and our season will be at least one week later.  Because of the drive, dedication, work ethic, talent, etc. of our marching band students, we don’t feel we need that extra time.So basically we’ll start on Thursday, July 18 (instead of the Monday of that week) and have guard/percussion camps after band camp.  Also, the first Saturday rehearsal (now Aug 24) is only 8:00-12:00 because it primarily gets us ready for the first game.
We’re looking forward to an exciting marching band season with a very different show from this past season.  Make sure you keep your body moving throughout these months so the May rehearsals will be easy.  Please email Mr. King or Mr. Groover with any questions.  

Scott D. King
Starr’s Mill High School
Director of Bands
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