2018-19 SMHS Band Booster Executive Board and Committee Chairs

President Mary Bohdan MaryBohdan@smhsband.org
Vice President Becky Garcia BeckyGarcia@smhsband.org
Secretary Amy Dixon JamieFeldman@smhsband.org
Treasurer Tracy Nichols smhsbandtreasurer@smhsband.org
Chaperones Susan Northrup SusanNorthrup@smhsband.org
Color Guard Carrie Gibson and Nancy Ellis CarrieGibson@smhsband.org NancyEllis@smhsband.org
Communications Vacant
Concessions Paula Bransky PaulaBransky@smhsband.org
Fundraising Gail Allen GailAllen@smhsband.org
Hospitality Judy Jochen JudyJochan@smhsband.org
Pit Crew Nick and Nancy DiVinitz NickDiVinitz@smhsband.org
Uniforms Laura Backes LauraBackes@smhsband.org
Other Positions ************************ ************************
Assistant Chaperone Heidi Berggren HeidiBerggren@smhsband.org
Spirit Scholarship Becky Garcia
Website Lisa Faught and Wynne Arinze LisaFaught@smhsband.org  WynneArinze@smhsband.org
Visitors’ Stand Manager Michelle Mascara